John's Bio

Why I love the wine culture - John Barrett of BARRETT CELLARS

When I was growing up, being half-Italian, wine was a beverage we always had in the house. When I became a young adult, I enjoyed basic wines like Carlo Rossi, and always had a jug with me to imbibe between discos… it was the 70’s and I lived in Vegas.

When I moved to the Antelope Valley in the early 1980’s I heard so much about this emerging wine culture and lifestyle, and it intrigued me. The beautiful bucolic countryside and its peaceful relaxation filled my thoughts.

I went to the Santa Barbara Fall Harvest Festival some twenty years ago, and had an epiphany. It did not matter who you were, where you were from, or what you did for a living. Everyone was on the same page, enjoying the food and wine together as a whole. That day at the festival was beautiful and the vibe was so incredibly warm and inviting.

I realized from that moment on I was home. I took numerous types of classes for wine regions, sensory classes, symposiums, tastings, and food pairings. I visited dozens of wineries and met with the winemakers. I also visited dozens of AVA’s and towns, immersing myself in the wine culture.

I found that the wine culture is a healthy lifestyle, with the enjoyment of food and wine day to day, no matter how good, bad, or different that particular day. I learned at the end of each day to take the time to enjoy these moments with family and friends.

I love the farming, the science, and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle, variety, and region. Each bottle takes me to that very place and time that I was in the area, and the joy the day brought.

At this point in time, the Antelope Valley is re-emerging as a wine region…yes, the Antelope Valley! Grapes were the main crop before Prohibition, and there were numerous wineries.  I then decided I would take the passion I have for wine, and put it to work to be a part of this great adventure. My ongoing dream is to reinstate the Antelope Valley as a wine region.

I have applied the many travels abroad and stateside to bring my vision of what I feel a tasting room and destination experience should be. My goal is to have a private club feeling with an urban vibe that is warm and welcoming.  We offer a casual experience with tantalizing tapas, music, socialization, and art. My goal is to bring to you the peace, contentment, and joy I have experienced in the wine culture through BARRETT CELLARS.